For the sprint

For sprinting, a very heavy lift, or other activities that are designed to kill me, I usually skip forward in my playlist to a house beat-heavy track that has the power to obliterate the thoughts of how much pain I’m in.

This one came to my attention after I heard it on Isles of Wonder: Music for the Opening Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games (don’t judge)(I know I’m way behind; this track was released in 2009).  I love the song for Dizzee’s energy and his east end accent.  I love it for the grimy beat that never really breaks into a more elegant disco melody.

And really, if we’ve evolved to a point where we’re forcing ourselves to run (or worse yet, to run on contraptions that replicate outdoor running) without being chased or hunting, aren’t we all a bit bonkers?

For the sprint was originally published on Katherineapolis


Why “Fritz Learns to Catch” deserves viral success

In the time it took me to write this post, this youtube video climbed for 790,000-some odd views to over 861,000 views.  It’s been shared with me by 3 different people today (to be fair, I do have a Golden named Charlie who fills up my various social media platforms with photos).  I’m not even mad; Fritz the Dog deserves all the viral success he’s had.  Here’s why:

This is a pet video that isn’t a cat video.  Everyone’s sick of cat videos.

The dog’s name is Fritz; Fritz’s bandanna game is flawless.

The video begins with this totally bizarre zoom over an ominous musical hum, letting everyone know that we’re in for a strange and glorious ride:

Steak? Pork chop?

The creator of the video could’ve chosen a totally cliche song like “Chariots of Fire” to illustrate Fritz’s trials and triumphs, but he didn’t.  He went with a peppy, unobtrusive and almost primitive-sounding techno jam.  It’s like having a MIDI video game theme play over all of Fritz’s attempts.  And doesn’t it feel like you’re in a video game?  This is a first-person shooter, but instead of James Bond’s gleaming pistol in GoldenEye 007 for N64, you’re controlling a hand that tosses large and easily recognizable food items into a perfect arc in the air.

And much like the best shoot-em-ups, the splatter sound effects in this video are absolute perfection.  I know they’ve been added in post-production, and I don’t care.

Controversial opinion: I think my favorite Fritz missed foodstuff is the donut.  But if you’re Team Taco or Team Hot Dog like everyone else, I’m open to arguments.