For the sprint

For sprinting, a very heavy lift, or other activities that are designed to kill me, I usually skip forward in my playlist to a house beat-heavy track that has the power to obliterate the thoughts of how much pain I’m in.

This one came to my attention after I heard it on Isles of Wonder: Music for the Opening Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games (don’t judge)(I know I’m way behind; this track was released in 2009).  I love the song for Dizzee’s energy and his east end accent.  I love it for the grimy beat that never really breaks into a more elegant disco melody.

And really, if we’ve evolved to a point where we’re forcing ourselves to run (or worse yet, to run on contraptions that replicate outdoor running) without being chased or hunting, aren’t we all a bit bonkers?

Workout Jam Wednesday

Every Wednesday, I’ll post a song from my workout playlist.  I still contend that creating workout playlists is more fun than actually working out.

To the people who can exercise to audio books or podcasts: Who the hell are you?  And can you teach me your ways?  I can’t really get through a run unless I have beats bouncing around in my skull, so here’s a song with a great tempo and a nice build-up that’s been a staple on multiple devices over the years: